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It's Official: Tesla's Now Worth More Than This Major Auto Manufacturer

It seems like Elon Musk is full of win. From responding to customer complaints and solving major problems in under a week, to creating the world's largest battery factory, to somehow making tiled roofs for homes that are both cheaper than conventional tiles and simultaneously power your home at the same time, the man is becoming a living legend.

It also doesn't hurt that he's releasing the Model 3, an affordably priced mid-range new vehicle that'll put an electric car in the driveways and garages of more Americans than ever before. 

I mean, I could go on and on about all the wins Musk and Tesla are having, but the point is that all of the innovations are obviously paying off for the green-minded, futuristic tech company that made renewable, clean energy sexy for consumers.

Because it's just been announced that Tesla is officially worth more than Ford Motor Company.

After delivering a staggering 25,000 vehicles last quarter, the auto manufacturer hit a market cap defying odds, earning $47 billion to Ford's $45. Ford's March sales dropped 7.2%, which also helped Tesla get the edge over them in the first three months of 2017.

Tesla's numbers should only grow, as the Model 3 isn't even available to the public yet.

Tesla's got some high aspirations for the Model 3. As of right now, the electric-car manufacturer is running a much smaller operation than a huge auto-giant like Ford. For example, Ford delivered a whopping 237,000 cars last quarter to Tesla's 25k. Tesla also posted a loss of $773 million last year, but confidence in future performance of the exciting Tesla brand has industry and market experts hopeful.

Tesla's aiming to move 500,000 cars by the close of 2018 and by the number of reservations people have made for the Model 3, it looks like they may hit that number.

Tesla team inspects every car before it leaves the factory

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Musk also believes that the deciding factor in people purchasing a Tesla is the extra safety afforded by autonomous driving. A man recently uploaded a video of a Tesla avoiding a car crash and Musk was pretty blunt to customers who asked about traditional speedometers in the upcoming Model 3, proof, in my opinion, that he's going all-in on autonomous driving. Having my car drive me everywhere has always been a personal dream of mine - I can write, watch movies, or browse the web without having to get on public transportation, and I'm betting there are tons of people out there who feel the same way.

New Tesla store opens every week, San Francisco opens today

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The news must've been pretty satisfying for Musk. I mean, Ford did copyright the "Model E" name, so it must feel like a nice little bit of payback for the futuristic CEO of arguably the coolest company in the world right now. (h/t recode)