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Guy Accidentally Leaves Adult Toy Out, 2-Year-Old Wears It As Jewelry

The best thing about children is that they're so innocent. They haven't been corrupted by the world yet, they love everything and look pretty adorable doing it

And just in case you don't understand quite how innocent children are, take this tweet from Ben-Lauder from Bradford in the United Kingdom. He recently left an adult toy out in the open at his girlfriend's house, and her two-year-old niece thought that it was a wristwatch. It's meant to wrap around something, but that something isn't a wrist... 

As you can imagine, Twitter was simultaneously amused and horrified.  

If there's a moral to this story, it's that you should probably hide this kind of thing as well as possible. But let's be honest, they'd probably find it anyway, kids are like little blood hounds.