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Sesame Street's First Autistic Character, Julia, Made Her Network Debut Today

1 year ago

Sesame Street broke new ground a while back when they debuted a new digital character, Julia. She was the first Muppet with autism and the response to her character was so great, that the show's creators decided to go and make her a regular part of the cast.

Julia finally made her debut as a staple character on the show. And her first episode could be eye-opening for a lot of viewers.

The show's creators worked closely with child psychologists and autism organizations to ensure that the behaviors Julia exhibits are true to symptoms of the condition.

They used a few moments of Julia's interactions with other characters to explore some commons autistic behavioral patterns as well.

Like Julia focusing on her painting when Big Bird tried to introduce himself.

And how Julia preferred using a brush to paint and didn't want to get her fingers dirty like the other characters.

People were happy to hear that Julia finally made her debut on the show.

And people who struggle with disorders of their own applauded how Sesame Street handled Julia's symptoms.

The episode's available to watch free online. What do you think of Julia's inclusion in the series?