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Jimmy Kimmel Parodies United With Spoof Ad That Feels A Little Too Realistic

If you've been on the Internet in the past two days, then you know how badly United Airlines screwed up when they forcibly dragged a passenger off its flight after seating him when they were already overbooked.

Because this is the Internet we're talking about here, people began decrying the airline and roasting it to high hell for the way it treated its passengers. What's even more disgusting, is the fact that the company's CEO blamed the victim, Dr. David Yao, in a statement to United Staff, and didn't even apologize for the way they handled the situation.

The way United handled the mess and it's subsequent response to the fiasco is taking a toll on the airline's stock - they've already lost $800 million in market value.

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The $2,500 credit they could offer for making a passenger miss their flight is probably looking really good right now. 

The airline is understandably being dragged online, and even big names in entertainment are getting their shots in.

And Jimmy Kimmel's spoof ad, a parody pre-flight video for United Airlines, is probably the best 34 seconds of United comedy you'll see.

And she does it all with a smile.