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Donald Trump Jr. Mocks LGBT Students On Twitter, People Rat Him Out To His Stepmom

Melania Trump announced last year that as First Lady, she would work to stop online bullying. The promise is a bizarre one, considering that President Donald Trump has insulted 325 people, places, and things on Twitter since he announced his candidacy for President in June 2015.

It's also odd when you consider that her stepson, Donald Trump Jr., takes after his father. Recently, he took to Twitter to insult LGBT students at Pittsburgh’s Duquesne University who were fearful of a Chick-fil-A fast-food restaurant opening at their college’s food fair.

The President of the famously Christian company, Dan Cathy, supported traditional marriage during the same-sex marriage debate and has donated money to anti-LGBT organizations. Here's how Trump Jr. responded to a Daily Caller article on the subject...

So, how did Twitter respond? By ratting him out to his stepmother.

So much for that anti-bullying campaign, huh?