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Bill Nye Answers Twitter's Most Pressing Science Questions About Life Around Us

I was always miserable in school when it came to any non-humanities classes. I was a pretty dope English student, but barely squeaked by in my other classes, usually learning just enough to get a B so my average didn't suffer all that much.

I did a hell of a lot better in college, only because my history courses all combined some element of literature in them. Even though I'm all up in art and writing, that doesn't mean deep down inside I don't wish I tried harder in my science classes.

Because, let's face, science is the coolest. You ever see The Martian? And why is science fiction pretty much the best genre ever? It's because deep down inside our ability as humans to better our species through our scientific accomplishments is amazing.

And when it comes to champions of science, there are few people more recognizable than Bill Nye.

Bill recently took Twitter's most burning science questions and answered them in this awesome Wired segment.

The video debuted on the same day as his appearance on The Today Show.

It's kind of hard to maintain an anti-science stance when you've got this beautiful bow-tied wearing gentleman before you, right?