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Twitter Users Rally For McDonald's Workers To Get Reward For Catching Facebook Live Killer

Two workers at the Erie, Pennsylvania McDonald's where "Facebook Live Killer" Steve Stephens was spotted before being chased by cops and ultimately shooting himself dead helped put an end to the manhunt. They did so by stalling Stephens after recognizing him by telling the man his fries weren't ready. 

They alerted the police and the little bit of extra time they bought gave cops enough time to tail the murderer. 

Naturally, when Stephens was caught, a question arose: are the McDonald's employees entitled to the $50,000 reward that was being offered for any information that led to the arrest or capture of "The Facebook Live Killer"?

And if you ask most people on Twitter, they'll give a resounding "yes."

People are saying that there's "no question" the two workers deserve it.

Some brought up the fact that fast food workers could especially use the money.

Others are flat-out saying it's their right.

Local law enforcement also said that the employees at the McDonald's were an integral part in cornering Stephens, but at this time, it's unclear as to whether or not one or more of the workers will receive the $50,000 reward offered by the FBI, ATF, and U.S. Marshal Service.

Do you think they deserve the reward? (h/t wnep)