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Samsung Humiliated Troll Who Tried Roasting Them And Twitter Is Screaming

When it comes to roasting people on Twitter, it doesn't get much more savage than Wendy's.

It looks like other brands are trying to follow suit, because the burger chain has been getting a ton more exposure online for its beautiful roasts of not only Twitter users, but the competition as well.

And one guy learned the hard way that you can't just tweet a snarky comment to a company and not expect a response.

Which is exactly what he did when Samsung, promoting its latest phone, posed this question to users online.

Twitter user @savEdward gave this response.

Which might have very well been true. I mean, if online dating and messaging apps are any indication, a d**k pic is taken every few seconds around the world. Personally, if I was trying to make fun of Samsung for their tweet, I'd make a joke about their phones catching fire.

In retrospect, Edward probably would've been better off doing just that, because Samsung's response was savage.

Yes, that's right. They tweeted back a microscope emoji.

Of course, Twitter was in love.

And Samsung was definitely proud of itself for the amazing comeback.

Just perfect.