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President Trump Declares A New Holiday That Has Many People Concerned

President Trump has proclaimed Monday, May 1st, as Loyalty Day, according to a statement from the White House. The observance of "allegiance to the principles" of the country is a longstanding tradition which dates back to President Eisenhower, who officially enacted the day in 1955.

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While he was thinking about May, The President decided to give it a few other labels:

Though many have never heard of it, declaring May 1st Loyalty Day is something almost all presidents do:

Although some point out its origins are a little sketchy:

Some Twitter users have a major problem with the President's declaration:

For those of you wondering why you've never heard of Loyalty Day before now:

Let's all take a moment this May 1st to remember all the things our country stands for: protection of the oppressed, truth, and about a thousand other things The President sometimes forgets about.