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J.K. Rowling's Back To Her Trump-Roasting Ways With These Two Brutal Tweets
12 months ago

There are few authors who rule Twitter like J.K. Rowling does. The Harry Potter creator doesn't shy away from sharing her opinions. Whether it's giving encouraging words to fans, or getting Piers Morgan's son to side with her over his own father, she always speaks her mind.

Rowling's also been extremely vocal about her distaste for Donald Trump, comparing him to Voldemort and pointing out his disgusting, fear-mongering ways, usually when he puts out a particularly cringe-inducing tweet.

So when the Donald released a statement about his involvement with Russia, you best believe Rowling was going to respond to it.

Here's the tweet in question:

If you ask me, Trump's gone full deluded NFL player, talking about himself in the third person.

Something that the English author saw as the perfect opportunity to roast the President over.


Which started a conversation on made-up Trump words. ("Bigly" not included).

Others pointed out the conversations that Trump almost certainly has with himself.

Yeah, that seems about right.