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You Can Backspace On The iPhone Calculator App And Life Will Never Be The Same

Meet Jazz Johnson. He discovered a little-known quirk about the iPhone's calculator app.

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He's not the first to have pointed this out, but after he stumbled on an old Reddit thread he figured that other people would be happy/surprised to learn that you could swipe on the iPhone's calculator app to backspace.

That's right - no need to clear the numbers if you make a mistake.

I mean, who among us hasn't almost thrown our phone out of frustration after messing up a single digit? I know I've been there.

And people are understandably freaking out over the find.

People are lamenting all the time they lost constantly having to re-type numbers.

Some people want to know why the hell Apple kept this a secret for so long.

People are also wondering what else Apple has been hiding from them.

Did you know this feature existed?