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Teens Couldn't Go To Prom, So This Boyfriend Created A 'Personal Prom' At Home

I never went to prom, because my parents enrolled me in a private Islamic school that was mostly funded by wealthy North Jersey Arab-Muslim doctors and sizable tuition fees for each student.

The school wasn't really keen on the whole idea of boys and girls mingling in social events, kinda goes against the whole "no romantic relationships before marriage thing" in Islam, so prom was absolutely out of the question. And students had two kinds of responses to this: desperately wanting a prom and wallowing in misery, or thinking that prom sucks anyway and you're above such basic social nonsense. I opted for the latter mode of thinking, aka, the hater method.

And although I still maintain that the idea of prom is kinda dumb and cheesy, deep down inside I actually love cheese, so when I see a truly touching prom story, I get a little misty-eyed.

Like this amazing personal prom orchestrated by this teen's boyfriend.

Angie Mitchell writes on Twitter that her and her boo couldn't attend prom for personal reasons, but that didn't stop the two from creating their own magical evening together, because he surprised her with a personal prom.

And it's pretty evident that he went all out. I mean, you had mood-setting lighting, a white rose, prom balloons...

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Plus they didn't even have to leave the comfort of home.

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If that ain't a successful prom night, then I don't know what is.

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Twitter was absolutely in love with Angie's post.

It induced many, many feelings.

Someone even called her boyfriend "Sweetie Todd."

I'd say it's a pretty apt description.

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Cute couples are the best couples.