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Twitter Is Swooning Over The South Korean President's New Bodyguard
11 months ago

South Korea swore in President Moon Jae-in last week after a year-long scandal surrounding his predecessor. But it's not the new world leader that has Twitter interested. Instead, it's his hot bodyguard. 

According to the Korea Times, his name is Choi Young-jae, and he isn't the only attractive member of the president's security detail, with media coining them the “handsome brigade.” But in the west, social media users only seem to be concerned with Young-jae. 

Some people have already started writing fan fiction. 

We do have some terrible news, though. Korea’s Special Warfare Command told the Korea Times that Choi is “‘unfortunately’ married and has two daughters.” That hasn't stopped people from trying, though...

It's reassuring to know that the President is in very capable hands.