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This Knitting Master Created An Amethyst Geode Out Of Yarn

Go into any store in the hipster part of your city and you'll find crystals everywhere, for "cleansing," "grounding," and "opening," and also because they look cool. But, for something that just comes out of the ground, crystals can be expensive—unless you knit your own, like yarn wizard Barbara Tomlinson.


It doesn't look too different from an actual amethyst geode:

Tomlinson is auctioning off her first geode. The "geometrically inferior bean bag" is going for $31 right now.

But she's also generously written up a free pattern and instructions so any crafty crystal-lovers can make their own sparkly geode.

People already have ideas for customizing the patterns.

As Tomlinson points out, she was also inspired by the website ODDknit, which also published their own instructions for knitting a geode a few years ago. And if geodes are too intimidating, both knitters have much easier and super cool patterns for beginners, too. Embrace the tweeness and start crafting!