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LeBron James' 'Dunk Face' Ignited Twitter During The NBA Finals

The Cavaliers may have lost game one of the NBA Finals last night, but people don't really care all that much about that.

They care more about this dunk from LeBron James.

Well, not really the dunk, but the face LeBron made after slamming it down.

And it was instantly turned into a meme.

People knew it would happen immediately.

Some of them were too easy to relate to.

Others, not so much (at least not for my basketball-deficient self).

People had interesting theories as to what LeBron was really thinking about.

Others were just sad, but true.

Even though the Cavs lost by a pretty wide margin, people think that LeBron's face alone will carry the team to victory.

Judging by last season's outcome, that could very well by the case - LeBron's distant stare is the setup for the long-con into victory.