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This Girl Hijacked Her Mom's Facebook Account To Start Beef With Her Friends

If you ever want to see real online drama, then look at the Facebook feeds of your parents and their friends and family members.

Whenever there's a debate or argument that goes down, the older generations have years of bad experiences to pull from to use in their online squabbles that're almost always entertaining.

And if you didn't grow up with the Internet being such an integral part of your social life (like many of our parents), then you probably aren't as well-versed in the fine art of online trolling as youngsters are.

Something that comedian Elle Mills took full advantage of when she hijacked her mom's Facebook account to start a beef with her mother's friends.

In it she posts a damning status aimed at a random woman named Sharon for having whack watermelon slices, rekindles a Pictionary grudge, and accuses someone of having stinky feet. The entire video is pretty darn hilarious.

People obviously loved the clip, which is getting tons of retweets and responses.

The video also got people e-crushing on her mom.

Seriously, I don't blame them, any mother who's this cool with her kid is pretty damn crush-worthy.