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Gordon Ramsay Drove James Corden To The Airport And Nearly Lost His Mind

Gordon Ramsay isn't really known for being the most polite man in the world.

Nor the most patient or kind in the delivery of his insults.

An idiot sandwich.

So, what would happen if a lifetime comedian, trained in the art of hilarity, used all of his skills to annoy the world's most irate chef as he drove him to the airport?

TV Gold.

Ramsay got so fed up that he kept dropping f-bombs, which is pretty darn funny considering he's filming his new show, "The F Word" live, and the worry that he'll let a swear slip is a very real one the chef will have to deal with.

If he's thinking of swears to drop, though, he could just practice saying "idiot sandwich" again and again. That one's a modern classic.