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Pat Tobin
Guy's Genius Trick For Getting Rid Of Ants Has Twitter Cracking Up

Pat Tobin told BuzzFeed News that he has been seeing a persistent ant problem in his Brooklyn kitchen for weeks. Not a full-on infestation, but they are definitely swaggering around like they own the place. He put out traps, but ants are savvier than we realize. "They seem to just walk around them," he explained.

Tobin decided to get creative, and spice up the hum-drum ant hotels with a little flare:

Aside from the very enticing ant x-rated floor show, there was a video store:

Pat Tobin

Something for the ant foodie:

Pat Tobin

And a reference to Zoolander that never gets old:

Pat Tobin

Folks went wild for this real estate rebranding, though plenty of people had advice on how to improve his listings:

Well, the proof is in the pudding. Or the poison. At least one ant wants to have a wild night out on the town: