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This Kid Who Got A Brain Freeze During An Icee Challenge Is A True Hero

Food challenges might seem like awesome ideas on paper, but once you're finally scarfing down copious amounts of grub in the hopes of claiming a prize, you realize there's a difference between eating a lot and eating competitively.

Something that this young fan learned the hard way when he did his darndest to win an Icee challenge at a minor league baseball game.

His dedication to locking down the win, although admirable, wasn't without its consequences: he got a massive brain freeze for his efforts.

The Memphis Redbirds tweeted his hilarious reaction and people were immediately impressed with the young man's grit, dedication, and heart.

Some were calling him a hero.

Others were in awe of his perseverance.

His technique earned praise as well.

Others found an uncanny likeness between this young baseball fan and that kid from The Sandlot.

One thing's for sure: as long as he doesn't lose that fire, Icee Kid is going places.