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Australian Senator Passes Motion While Breastfeeding And People Love It

Back in May, Australian senator Larissa Waters of the Greens Party made history after she became the first senator to breastfeed her child in Federal Parliament. Waters made headlines when she arrived back at Parliament after a brief maternity leave with her baby daughter, Alia, in her arms. 

And now, Waters has made history again after she moved a motion while breastfeeding her child. Waters just happened to be in the middle of breastfeeding her daughter when she was called upon to pass a senate motion on black lung disease among coal workers. And because moms are the experts when it comes to multitasking, it didn't even phase her. 

Waters took to Twitter after the video went viral, joking that Alia moved her own motion just before hers. 

She also responded to a piece of criticism. 

Though there was much more praise for the senator on social media. 

Kid's got to eat.