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Body-Positive Instagrammers Are Celebrating Their 'Hip Dips' In Viral Trend

Body-Positive Instagrammers Are Celebrating Their 'Hip Dips' In Viral Trend
11 months ago

If there is a part of your body you feel weird or self-conscious about, please stop. You are beautiful as you are and also whatever it is will probably have a catchy name and a hashtag any day now, because you're not alone. 

That's what's just happened with a long neglected body part folks are suddenly worried about—you know, that little indentation that occurs in many people's side-butt area. The "hip dips."

According to Glamour magazine, there's over a thousand posts on Instagram about hip dips, sometimes called violin hips, because we are all shapely instruments.

Honestly, I have these too, and have never spared them a second thought, so it's interesting to see that simply acknowledging a part of your body is being labeled "body positivity." If I took a picture of my elbow and shared it, would that be body positivity? I guess so, if I've always been self-conscious about them. And apparently, a lot of women have been extremely self-conscious about the fact that people can see where their leg attaches to their hips in a completely ordinary and human fashion:


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It's pretty messed up that the beauty industry makes us all feel insecure about how we look, up to and including the way our bones grow. Thank you social media for letting folks who have the same worries about their hot bods get together and reassure each other. You all look good!