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Lactose Intolerant Man Calls Out Starbucks In Hilarious Post From His Toilet

Lactose Intolerant Man Calls Out Starbucks In Hilarious Post From His Toilet
Updated 11 months ago

Demit Strato, a man from New York, recently took to the official Starbucks Facebook page to inform them that he was currently attached to his toilet. Why? Strato explains it best...

"This is the second time I ordered a Venti Iced Coffe with Soy Milk this month where the Soy Milk request was ignored and regular milk was instead used," the man explains. 
"I've pooped 11 times since the A.M. My bottom hurts from all the wiping. Do you think I enjoy soy milk? Does anyone enjoy soy milk? Really? I don't order soy mill because I'm bored and want my drink order to sound fancy. I order soy milk so that my bottom doesn't blast fire for 4 hours. I'm not a Charmander. Thank you for listening to my rant."

And of course, he let everyone know where he was writing the post from. 

"P.S. I'm writing this from the comfort OF MY TOILET."

While Strato probably isn't having much fun, Facebook users found the post hilarious. It's since been shared over 35,000 times and garnered more than 110,000 comments. 

“This is so true,” one lactose intolerant commenter wrote. “Sometimes I just order knowing what is to come because lets face it, whole milk makes coffee taste better, and soy is disgusting. So once in a while I order whole milk and let all hell break loose for the taste.” 

Apparently this is a pretty common issue, with another commenter adding: 

"While I admittedly laughed at this complaint for simply the way it's worded, I have to agree with Demit 1000%. I have ordered my coffees and specifically told them soy. People who don't regularly consume dairy products can absolutely tell when they've ingested dairy. It is certainly not pleasant.  Take better care, Starbucks."

While Poo-Pourri, a company that makes deodorizing toilet sprays, saw it as an opportunity. 

“Oh crap! We would love to send you some Poo-Pourri to help with your toilet drama,” the company wrote. 

Starbucks has responded to Strato privately. Hopefully he gets soy next time.