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This Woman Asked A Stranger To Be Her Wedding Date On Twitter And Ended Up Marrying Him

10 months ago

We've all been there: the eleventh hour before the day of a big wedding and you still don't have a date.

Not that there is anything wrong with showing up to a celebration without a plus one, but sometimes, it just feels nice to have some company. And that's when desperation kicks in. You joke about taking anybody with you as a date.

But sometimes jokes turn into much more, and for Twitter user Lila Apostolou, it turned into meeting her future husband. Really.

It all began when she reached out to Twitter, asking if anyone was available to accompany her to her sister's wedding. 

Phil Gibson heard her out and said he would gladly be her wedding date.

The two seemed to hit it off with one another almost immediately.

Things started with some playful banter which turned into straight-up flirting.

OK. You two get a room.

So Phil didn't end up going to the wedding with Lila, however, they did hit it off.

And they ended up joking their way into each other's hearts.

Yeah that whole "joke" about them being married? Turns out it ended up not being a joke at all. The two actually fell in love and tied the knot.

It's like a romantic comedy, but IRL.