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35 Creepy Abandoned Places That Are Straight Out Of A Horror Movie

About an hour away from where I grew up, there is an abandoned insane asylum. From what I understand, it was once one of the largest asylums in New York state before it was shut down due to lack of funding in the 1980's. 

I really want to go inside and check it out. A lot of people think that's a dumb idea, but as far as I'm concerned, the worst thing that could happen is that a ghost is there and he'd murder me. Honestly, I'm fine with all of that. Can you think of a more exciting way to die? 

Unfortunately, I can't seem to figure out how to get inside. The door is locked and that seems like an unsolvable problem. So for now, I'll just settle for looking at photographs of these other creepy abandoned places. 

1. These stairs used to go somewhere.
Abandoned stairway in the woods: Madame Sherri Forest, Chesterfield, NH [900 x 1200] from AbandonedPorn
2. She's a ghost now.
A Teenage girls bedroom in an abandoned house has been stuck in time since the mid 80's. (OC) 1136 × 696 from AbandonedPorn
3. Is underground fire just a fancy way of saying Hell?
(2048x1536) This is the road leading to the condemned city of Centralia, PA. It was shut down due to an underground fire over half a century ago, and it still burns to this day from AbandonedPorn
4. The green returns.
Overgrown railway in Paris [2773 × 4159] from AbandonedPorn
5. Sorry, but your flight has been delayed forever.
I found two abandoned Boeing 747's [OC] [5325x3550] from AbandonedPorn
6. Like something out of a creepy children's book.
Abandoned treehouse in Redmond, Washington. All three of Steve Rondel’s children grew up before he could ever finish it. [550x757] [OS] from AbandonedPorn
7. Don't go down there.
Abandoned Train Station [670x503] from AbandonedPorn
8. The plants destroyed our homes.
Abandoned fishing village in China overrun by nature [1618x1080] from AbandonedPorn
9. They lost control.
Abandoned control room, somewhere in Hungary [4000x3000] [OS] from AbandonedPorn
10. What do you think the odds are that someone is trapped down there?
[Abandoned] Abandoned glass factory in Europe ()
11. Where did your stern go?
On New Year’s Eve 1993, this ocean liner left Greece for Thailand, towed by a tugboat. The tow lines broke during a storm, the ship was left adrift and, on 18 January 1994, it ran aground near Fuerteventura, Canary Islands [2048x1536] from AbandonedPorn
12. It's for sale!
An abandoned home in Detroit [1513x1200] from AbandonedPorn
13. Is this from a video game?
Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia [2048 X 1536] from AbandonedPorn
14. Think this baby can still fly?
Abandoned spaceship found in rotting Kazakhstan warehouse (Ralph Mirebs) [1050x788] from AbandonedPorn
15. This computer is filled with bugs.
Computer wiring tunnel inside an abandoned coal power plant, photo by Bryan Buckley [1280x854] from AbandonedPorn
16. Yeah, I believe a witch lives there.
The Gingerbread House from the abandoned Enchanted Forest amusement park in Ellicott City, Maryland [1024 x 682] from AbandonedPorn
17. Looks just as clean as it did then.
Warm up pool 6 months after the Olympics, Rio Olympic Park [866x523] from AbandonedPorn
18. Who knew Atlantis was in China?
Lost City Shicheng Found Underwater in China + Article [5120x3620] from AbandonedPorn
19. Leave! Leave now!
Had to climb a wall to pass through the collapsed roof and find this... The house seemed to belong to a music teacher. [OC] [2048x1361] from AbandonedPorn
20. Death of the future.
Abandoned Hovercraft Rotting Away on a Disused Florida Airfield [1024 x 682] from AbandonedPorn
21. Support your local bowling alley, guys.
Abandoned bowling alley, Japan [1000x800] from AbandonedPorn
22. Nothing weird about this.
Abandoned Presidents Park, Virginia [1280x815] [OS] from AbandonedPorn
23. Last known location of those teenagers.
This Aston Martin DB4, which was left in the woods in Massachusetts for more than 40 years, could sell for nearly half a million dollars at auction tomorrow (18.01.2017) [2000x1333] from AbandonedPorn
24. Wow. Traffic must have been pretty bad, huh?
This Aston Martin DB4, which was left in the woods in Massachusetts for more than 40 years, could sell for nearly half a million dollars at auction tomorrow (18.01.2017) [2000x1333] from AbandonedPorn
25. Modern art.
WWII bunker sinking into the Baltic Sea, Latvia | Photo by Martin Roemer [1900 × 1279] from AbandonedPorn
26. They had a great going out of business sale.
The abandoned Randall Park, Ohio, was once the world’s largest shopping mall. This is what it looks like now [2000x1328] from AbandonedPorn
27. This seems like it was a poorly run hospital.
Next to highest floor in hospital, Indiana [4608 × 2470] [OC] from AbandonedPorn
28. Nope! Nothing spooky about this.
Abandoned farmhouse with supermoon [OC] [1356x2048] from AbandonedPorn
29. Well, no wonder it crashed. Just look at it!
The remains of an American WWII aircraft that crashed on a beach in Wales [1200×797] from AbandonedPorn
30. I heard there is a creepy little girl in there.
Abandoned Yellow House in Nova Scotia. Photo by Matt Madden & Kim Vallis. [1200×1920]. from AbandonedPorn
31. How stylish.
'American Dream' - The worlds longest limo [1920 x 1280] from AbandonedPorn
32. Looks like the X-Men Mansion after it was destroyed.
I took my drone to the abandoned Beelitz sanctuary near Berlin [OC] [3880x2910] from AbandonedPorn
33. The swamp got us.
Barn falling off into a swamp. Photo by Peter Stratmoen [OS] [1024×683]. from AbandonedPorn
34. Who wants to go in first?
The entrance for a 100 year old abandoned norwegian bunker. [OC] [1620x1080] from AbandonedPorn
35. Look at all that red and green.
A brick factory ruin catches the day's last rays of sunshine in a quiet North Carolina mill town. By 95wombat [2222 X 1481] from AbandonedPorn