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This Formal Campaign Committee Wants The Rock To Run For President

This Formal Campaign Committee Wants The Rock To Run For President
Updated 10 months ago

As if you needed any further proof that we're living out the plot of Idiocracy, journalist Dave Levinthal went and discovered this.

Yep, The Rock 2020 has officially been registered with the FEC. 

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Now it's important to note that the campaign isn't officially tied to Dwayne Johnson, nor has the Actor/Pro-Wrestler/Life Champion officially come out and said he'd make a Presidential run.

But people are still pretty stoked at the idea of having The Great One lead our nation.

Others couldn't believe it was real.

Some people are pissed that we might have another celebrity president.

But it looks like the general consensus is that most people would want the most electrifying man in sports entertainment as the leader of the free world.

People are already coming up with campaign slogans for him.

All joking aside, there are some people who believe that there's a very good chance The Rock could run, and that the political committee is more than just a coincidence. 

And an online Twitter poll suggests that there's a good number of people seriously considering voting for The Rock.

Would you want him to lay the smack down in the political arena? I mean with potential like this...

Ahh, America.