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86-Year-Old Jewel Thief Arrested Again And Twitter Can't Help But Forgive Her

We all have our own guilty pleasures. Things that we know are terrible, but just can't help doing.

For me, it's eating garbage late at night that has no business being put in my body. Which is pretty harmful. Is it criminal? No, but my blood sugar levels may say otherwise.

For Doris Payne, her choices comes with a tad more severe social reaction: she's a lifelong jewel thief.

She's managed to pilfer over $2 million worth of precious stones over the years. In fact, she was so prolific that she became the subject of a Netflix documentary The Life and Crimes of Doris Payne.

Six decades into thievery and Payne isn't going after high-end jewels (as far as we know) anymore. Her most recent heist was an $86.22 Walmart score where she allegedly nabbed items from various departments and hid them in her purse and shopping bag.

When cops arrested her, they found an electronic monitoring ankle on her bracelet. A $660 bail has been posted.

Payne's infamy wasn't lost on Twitter, who can't help but laugh and shake their head at the geriatric shoplifter.

People started calling for a movie to be made about her.

Others couldn't help but respect her.

Others pointed out a very funny numerical coincidence.

Others can't believe that she isn't in jail.

I guess what they say is true: once a thief, always a thief? (h/t ajc)