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This Entire City Helped A Teen Locate His Missing Car

This Entire City Helped A Teen Locate His Missing Car
Updated 10 months ago

Gavin Strickland was excited to see Metallica perform in Toronto, which was a few hours drive from his hometown of Syracuse, New York.

In an attempt to avoid the madness of the parking situation at the Rogers Center, he left his car in a parking garage that was a mere $8 cab ride away from the venue.

The 19-year-old had such a blast during the performance that he completely forgot where he'd parked his Nissan Versa after the concert was over.

He let his parents know of the bad news and returned back home, utterly flabbergasted as to where his car could be. His folks decided to turn to Craigslist for help, offering $100 to anyone in Toronto who could help Gavin find his car.

That's when Madison Riddolls and her boyfriend Liam Imlack Walker decided to Sherlock Holmes it and try and track down the young man's car. With the information that Gavin provided them they went all over Toronto, searching each parking garage within $8 cab fare distance of the Rogers center. 

After searching for an entire day, time was winding down. At around midnight the couple decided to check out one last garage, TD Tower Parking. After spotting a car that looked like it matched Gavin's description, Walker started jogging towards it and sure enough, it was the teen's vehicle. When he heard the happy news, he was floored.

The best part is that the parking garage, after hearing Gavin's story, is only going to charge him for a day's worth of parking. Riddolls took the $100 finder's fee and is donating it to charity. She also offered to meet Gavin at the parking garage when he comes to pick up the car as she called it "confusing," which probably explains how he lost the car in the first place.

While there are people who are happy for Gavin that he found his car, there are some who question how in the world he lost it in the first place.

Others told him that he shouldn't feel too bad about it.

Many of us are probably familiar with the mini-panic attack that occurs when we don't know where our car is. For Gavin, that panic attack was extended, but at least he was able to find it, thanks to some industrious strangers. Good for him. (h/t the star)