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This Wax Figure Of Beyoncé Looks Nothing Like Her And Fans Are Furious

Beyoncé is unfortunately no stranger to whitewashing. Remember that L'Oreal ad?

Or how about this Toyota one?

Marketers must have it in their heads that someone needs to be white in order to sell their products. I mean, why else would they lighten the skin of one of the world's most recognizable performers? 

Unfortunately the trend of alabastering Queen Bey doesn't look like it's going to slow down anytime soon. Just take a look at Madame Tussauds' latest wax figure celebrating the singer.

People were embarrassed for the famous wax museum trying to pass off the statue as Beyoncé.

Twitter users don't think it looks like her at all. So they started mentioning other people the figure resembled more.

I mean, people were really trying their best to find out just who Tussauds was trying to make with this statue.

People demanded to know where the melanin was located.

And it was pointed out that actor wax figures actually look like their real-life counterparts, so it isn't like the museum can't create a lifelike statue.

Some theories about the true story behind the statue started circulating, as well.

It's just all around embarrassing.

The problem isn't just the fact that the figure's skin tone is off, it's everything else about her body that's off, too.

People pointed out the other Beyoncé wax figures that were unleashed upon the world...and they're not any better.

But there is hope, as someone pointed out that there is a Beyoncé wax figure in London that actually gets much closer than the rest of them to accurately capturing what the singer looks like.

At least way better than all the other travesties out there.