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Everyone Is Freaking Over Justin Trudeau's New 'Rolling Stone' Cover

Everyone Is Freaking Over Justin Trudeau's New 'Rolling Stone' Cover
10 months ago

There isn't a leader in the world who isn't divisive, and that even includes Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, otherwise known as the internet's dreamboat. Trudeau has a complicated record when it comes to his work on oil pipelines and with promises he made on the campaign trail to the First Nations people. But right now, compared to Donald Trump, he seems like a fantasy dream man to many Americans. In a new profile, Rolling Stone asks, "Why can't he be our president?" right next to a very alluring photo of Trudeau, leaning so suggestively against his desk:

Lots of people online are howling at the question, since Trudeau can't be our president for so, so many reasons. But it's perfectly understandable that so many folks are salivating over the idea:

Maybe drawing comparisons isn't healthy, especially since all leaders should be held accountable for their flaws. But since Trudeau will never actually be president, it seems like a safe fantasy to indulge in, when we really need it. Sigh.