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The 'Titanic' Cast Reunited After 20 Years And Everyone Is Thinking The Same Thing

Leonardo DiCaprio seems to be interested in two things: models and the environment. His charity, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, focuses on fighting climate change and protecting the planet and on Wednesday night he pulled out the big guns to promote their annual gala. He had a Titanic reunion! Mashable reports that both Billy Zane and Kate Winslet both showed up to save the icecaps and pose for the super fans.

Mashable also noted that people were basically making the same joke over and over again on Twitter, just like Billy Zane did in his Instagram post. Yes. The Titanic was sunk by an iceberg. Now, the cast is trying to save icebergs. I guess that's irony? Hard word to define.

There are a lot more since Mashable posted and I bet there will be even more as these pictures trickle on social media. It's fine to make the same joke as everyone else. When something's funny, it's funny. But is this funny?!