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You Will Want To Eat All These Stoner Recipes Even If You're Stone Cold Sober

A man named Tre Levon got very relaxed on Saturday night with a little herbal assist, BuzzFeed reports. He then got pretty hungry, as one does when taking such a cosmic journey. Levon Snapchatted his go-to munchies snack remedy, then tweeted the whole thing, and it's frankly inspirational:

Nuttella spread in croissant batter and baked, with a little powdered sugar on top, like snow:


That looks incredible and I'm not even high! Because I'm at work.

Everyone is enamored by this recipe, but apparently becoming a Top Chef when you're blazing is a common side effect. Lots of people shared their recipes in response, and I would definitely go to this restaurant:

Though plenty of people are thanking him for this simple, yet life changing, recipe:

Just be careful not to get too turnt or your snack will end up too burnt: