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This College Student Has A Dorm Room Nicer Than Most Of Our Homes

This is Tamia Barnes:

Barnes is going viral for showing off what may be the sweetest dorm room pad you've ever seen in your life. Frankly, it's nicer than the apartment I live in now as a grown woman who has left college behind:

BuzzFeed reports that Barnes is a 19-year-old sophomore at Alabama A&M University, and the reason she's living in this luxurious space is because she's working as a resident advisor for the first time. RAs get their own room, baby!

A big space does not guarantee beauty, however. Don't worry, Barnes is generous with answers to all the interior decorating questions coming her way:

So many brands! I was started to wonder if this was a sponsored post, but I think she just wants everyone to live as beautifully as she does. 

You can make your room look like the room Barnes built! But there is still the issue of space...