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Twitter Is Obsessed With This Child's Terrifying 'Superhero' Named Janet

We all drew superheroes as kids, and most of them were pretty lame. Cheese Man probably isn't going to be picked up by Marvel anytime soon, let's be honest. But Janet probably will be. Twitter user Amanda Mancino from the United Kingdom recently took to Twitter to share her child's creation, which had a lot more blood than the superheroes other kids at her art day camp drew...

Here's an alternate, less bloody, version of Janet that Luca drew. 

And just for reference, that thing in her hand is a "twig that she smacks the jerks down with." 

Unsurprisingly, people are in love with Janet, and there's already fan art. 

And cosplay...

"We (Luca and I) are seriously amazed by how many people got excited by Janet," Mancino wrote in a further post. "Thanks to everyone who sent messages, they made her day. And those of you who created art, it's just beyond cool. You'll find the drawings below."