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This Highway Was Covered In Pizzas After A Tractor Trailer Accident

Highway spills can become pretty terrifying. Who wouldn't be terrified when a tractor trailer opens up in front of you, spilling a ton of liquid or garbage?

That initial scariness aside, however, sometimes highway spills can work out in your favor.

Like if the truck driving ahead of you was carrying a ton of pizzas?

That's exactly what happened on Arkansas Highway I-30 when the top of a truck's trailer hit the bottom of an overpass, causing the trailer to release a bunch of frozen pizzas.

But as it turns out, unfortunately, the pizzas was inedible.

I know, huge bummer. 

And it turned out that getting them off the road was more difficult than they had anticipated.

People stuck in the traffic jam couldn't even really be all that upset at the delays.

Other photos showed just how spread out the pizza disaster was.

Thankfully, no structural damage was done to the bridge.