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twitter / Harris County Sheriff's Office
Photo Of Hero Rescuing Two Children In Hurricane Harvey Emerges Online

At least eight people are believed to have died as a result of Hurricane Harvey, with a record 30 inches of rain falling on the city of Houston, leaving highways totally submerged by water. The heavy rains are expected to continue into the week, with Harvey set to pick up more water from the Gulf of Mexico before heading inland once again. 

And while many have focused on the devastating impact of the storm, there have been many cases of heroism amid the chaos. One of the photos that has gone viral shows a Harris County Sheriff's Office deputy carrying two children to safety. 

The photo has understandably attracted a great deal of praise. 

But that's not the only tale of heroism. KHOU reporter Brandi Smith has been praised for saving a truck driver's life while she was broadcasting live. 

As were citizens who responded to officials asking anyone with a boat to help search for anyone in trouble. 

A group of people were able to form a human chain to save a man stranded in deep water. 

And of course, the emergency services and army personnel who have been risking their lives. 

This policeman worked countless hours helping victims of Hurricane Harvey until he passed out from exhaustion. from pics