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Woman Photoshops Hillary Clinton Tweets Onto Donald Trump's Twitter And People Are Weeping

A comedian named Morgan Murphy has done some controversial Photoshopping in the wake of a particularly heinous onslaught of Trump tweets. The president tweets things constantly, but with violence in Charlottesville, terrorism abroad, and the dangerous and deadly storm Harvey right in Texas, his inappropriateness comes across as even more inappropriate than usual. You know who doesn't tweet these sort of things? Hillary Clinton.

Murphy decided to imagine an alternate reality where Trump has Hillary Clinton's brain, somehow, or at least her ability to string 140 coherent characters together into a respectable acknowledgement of the world's disasters. She Photoshopped Clinton's tweets into Trump's feed, and the results are jarring, to say the least:

So, this is what it would look like if Trump were like Hillary:


Some of the people responding are just crying into a bowl of ice cream, sent back to the day after the election, when it all just didn't seem real:

But many are telling Murphy that her Photoshop skills are just promoting fake news and these images will be used to trick Trump followers:

Not a bad point, though I'm skeptical that it hasn't occurred to propagandists to make fake Trump tweets already, though they may not have dragged Hillary Clinton into it. Anyway, here's a real tweet from Trump, just to drag you back to reality: