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This Guy's Leg Got Caught In A Ridiculously Tiny Sinkhole

Imagine this. You're walking to work and then all of a sudden a giant hole opens up and swallows you whole. Scary, right? Now imagine that you're walking to work and then all of a sudden a tiny hole opens up and swallows you partially. Which of those is scarier? I honestly can't tell. 

Recently, a man in Brooklyn went through the latter experience. The unidentified man was walking to the auto repair shop where he works when a tiny hole opened up beneath up and his right leg fell right through. His co-worker, Joe Grunbaum, told reporters on the site what he saw. 

"From what I understand he was walking and the ground gave way. I ran over there and he was stuck in the ground, and the fire department was just arriving when I got there. It almost looked like he didn't have a leg. He seemed to be in a lot of pain."

The FDNY was able to safely rescue the man and they took him to Woodhull Hospital. 

Sadly, his shoe did not make it, but all things considered, it could have been a lot worse. Joe Flores, who lives nearby, was expecting something much worse when he first approached the scene. "He said he couldn't feel his foot. I thought he didn't have no leg when I first saw him. It's scary because his whole body could have fallen in."

Going back to the original question, no one is quite sure what to make this event. 

The one thing everyone can agree on though is that we should all be grateful for the FDNY.

Perhaps we will never know if falling into a big hole is scarier than falling into a tiny hole. Hopefully, we will never find out. 

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