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A Reporter Just Proved That Ann Coulter Is A Hypocrite When She Makes Fun Of Elites

There's this perception that all liberals drink tea with their pinkies up, hate hard work, and just spout intellectual nonsense from overpriced cafes while living off of trust funds and working cushy jobs where they don't do a thing to stimulate the economy.

The perception of the "feeble liberal" is one that is celebrated by conservative outlets, as is the idea that they're elitists and out of touch with the common man. Something that many people feel Trump utilized in his campaign against Hillary Clinton. 

Trump isn't the only elitist to bash elitism, however. Conservative talking head, Ann Coulter, is known to say a thing or two to equate liberalism with elitism.

Yes, the same Ann Coulter who went all uber-bourgeois and threw a Twitter temper tantrum because Delta moved her seat on a plane.

Her latest example of social media elitist-bashing hypocrisy popped up when she appeared to defend Steve Bannon with a pretty sniveling, posh, where-did-you-graduate-from tweet.

Twitter immediately saw the irony of "elitist-bashing" Ann Coulter's condescending rejoinder.

While others pointed out why they think she and conservatives bash intellectualism.

While others pointed out that Bannon went to Georgetown, as well.

There's just too many levels of cringe here on Coulter's part. At least she can console herself that no night will be worse than the roast from Rob Lowe.