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31 Cozy Places That Are Perfect For Your Next Vacation

There are two things I love in this world: blankets and pillows. Put yourself under a blanket and over a pillow and you're set for life.

Of course, there is the question of where to store all your blankets and pillows. Any old shelter would do, but if you are going to get cozy, you might as well go all out. Any one of the following places would do nicely. I think I'll move into one. That is if I can ever bring myself to leave this very cozy bed. 

1. A lovely winter retreat.
Winter Coziness in Japan from CozyPlaces
2. The opposite of a scary alleyway.
An alleyway in Tokyo from CozyPlaces
3. Wet out there. Lovely in here.
Screened in porch on a rainy day from CozyPlaces
4. Wood is the coziest.
Cozy cabin. from CozyPlaces
5. Who would ever want to get out of this bed?
Cozy Loft from CozyPlaces
6. A cozy stop before a nautical adventure.
Cozy little house I kayaked past this morning from CozyPlaces
7. Cats get it.
Cozy on a rainy day from CozyPlaces
8. It looks really nice outside but I want to stay in here.
Having hot chocolate while watching it snow outside from CozyPlaces
9. We live in the backyard.
Backyard Lighting ???? Cozy
10. The dome has everything you need.
Cozy little eco-dome in Patagonia from CozyPlaces
11. A restaurant with a perfect view.
Have a bite to eat by the river from CozyPlaces
12. What is this and where can I get one?
Cozy kotatsu. from CozyPlaces
13. I think I'll head in there.
After a long journey on the river, cozy cabin greets you with open arms . from CozyPlaces
14. Dogs in Fluffyland.
A cozy A-Frame cabin in the forest. from CozyPlaces
15. Down in the valley.
Hallstatt, Austria
16. Who wants to get away?
Weekend getaway from CozyPlaces
17. Anyone else really want to sit in that beanbag chair?
18. Very modern. Very cozy.
Beautiful cabin tucked in along the Norwegian coastline. from CozyPlaces
19. But it's warm in here.
Chalet in Chile from CozyPlaces
20. This places looks like a barn and that is wonderful.
Cozy open-barn. from CozyPlaces
21. Is there anything cozier than reading?
This personal library. The arched window and small desk make me think of Bag End. from CozyPlaces
22. I'm all alone and it is wonderful.
This cabin
23. Let's go for an evening stroll.
Cozy alley after an early morning rain from CozyPlaces
24. Beds don't need to be fancy to cozy.
Sleeping corner from CozyPlaces
25. A Winter Wonderland.
Zermatt, Switzerland from CozyPlaces
26. Where do you want to go?
This cozy Cabin on a mountain in Kashmir from CozyPlaces
27. Let's warm up.
Refuge from CozyPlaces
28. Sometimes I just look out and ponder.
alcove for whiskey and boardgames.. from CozyPlaces
29. Equal parts rustic and cozy.
Cabin hidden away in woods of Washington state. from CozyPlaces
30. Would you ever go inside with a backyard like this?
My cozy backyard deck in the woods from CozyPlaces
31. What a view.
A cozy place to watch the northern lights from an igloo in Lapland. from CozyPlaces