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31 Cozy Places That Are Perfect For Your Next Vacation

31 Cozy Places That Are Perfect For Your Next Vacation
Updated 8 months ago

There are two things I love in this world: blankets and pillows. Put yourself under a blanket and over a pillow and you're set for life.

Of course, there is the question of where to store all your blankets and pillows. Any old shelter would do, but if you are going to get cozy, you might as well go all out. Any one of the following places would do nicely. I think I'll move into one. That is if I can ever bring myself to leave this very cozy bed. 

1. A lovely winter retreat.
2. The opposite of a scary alleyway.
3. Wet out there. Lovely in here.
4. Wood is the coziest.
5. Who would ever want to get out of this bed?
6. A cozy stop before a nautical adventure.
7. Cats get it.
8. It looks really nice outside but I want to stay in here.
9. We live in the backyard.
10. The dome has everything you need.
11. A restaurant with a perfect view.
12. What is this and where can I get one?
14. Dogs in Fluffyland.
15. Down in the valley.
16. Who wants to get away?
17. Anyone else really want to sit in that beanbag chair?
19. But it's warm in here.
20. This places looks like a barn and that is wonderful.
22. I'm all alone and it is wonderful.
23. Let's go for an evening stroll.
24. Beds don't need to be fancy to cozy.
25. A Winter Wonderland.
26. Where do you want to go?
27. Let's warm up.
28. Sometimes I just look out and ponder.
29. Equal parts rustic and cozy.
30. Would you ever go inside with a backyard like this?