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Everyone Is Confused About The Newest iPhones For One Major Reason

Everyone Is Confused About The Newest iPhones For One Major Reason
8 months ago

Apple's huge 2017 event yesterday unveiled not one, but two new iPhone models. First up were the iPhone 8 and 8 plus.

People expected the 8 to drop, but they weren't anticipating that Apple would pretty much make the entire phone out of glass. So if you thought that the iPhone was easily prone to breakage when you dropped it now, just wait until the 8 slips out of your hands.

But seeing as it was the 10 year anniversary of the iPhone, Apple planned something special: the iPhone X. The X is an expensive piece of pocket tech that just screams exclusivity. I mean, would you expect anything less for $1,000?

It might cost a lot, but it seems to already have an issue with one of its newest features: unlock via face recognition.

I guess it's better than not having cell phone service for holding the phone the "wrong" way.

The announcements are sure to excite a lot of tech fans despite the ID-blunder, but it left a lot of Apple fans with a few burning questions. Namely, where the heck is the iPhone 9?

Some wanted to know why Apple would announce two different kinds of iPhones at the same event, anyway.

But they seriously wanted to know where the 9 was at. And of course, there were jokes:

Others made parallels to other tech companies.

Looks like someone's getting a smack...

Others still can't get over the fact that Apple decided to remove the headphone jack.

Others just felt sorry for the forgotten iPhone.

While some are still holding out hope.

Will you be getting one of the newer iPhones?