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Nun With Chainsaw Spotted During Hurricane Irma Clean-Up, Becomes Internet Hero

Hurricane Irma's incurred a whopping $25 billion in damages for Florida and one of the cities that was hit the worst was Miami.

But residents are already working to clear the wreckage in the wake of the hurricane.

Like this chainsaw-wielding nun who began cutting up trees that fell in her neighborhood. Thankfully, the Miami-Dade Police Department was there to capture the act on camera, which they uploaded to Facebook.

Sister Margaret Ann is the principal of Archbishop Coleman F. Carroll High School and has become somewhat of a local celebrity for her proactive approach in rebuilding after the hurricane.

What's even crazier is that Sister Margaret Ann cleared the wreckage in 100-degree weather, dressed in her habit. When off-duty officer Silvia Nadal noticed she was taking it upon herself to clear the road, he felt compelled to help her and it wasn't long before neighbors joined in as well.

People are in love with the "Chainsaw Nun" after the video of her tearing up the fallen trees went viral.

Looks like someone asked herself, "What would Jesus do?" and really took it to heart. Well, there weren't chainsaws in his day, but, if they existed and some trees needed clearing, you can bet he'd be the first one cutting into them.