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The Internet Has Decided That Pennywise The Clown Is Gay, And That He’s Dating The Babadook

Over Pride this summer, the Internet became more widely aware of how the scary monster from the cult hit film The Babadook had become something of a queer icon. He was appearing at Pride events everywhere, and people were loving it:

Now that IT has been released, folks are trying to do a little matchmaking. What if evil clown Pennywise were gay? Wouldn't they make the perfect couple:

Everyone thinks it's a match made in heaven:

BuzzFeed News reports that the notion Pennywise might be a gay murderous clown came from Twitter user @Starkrhodey, who tweeted that Pennywise was an LGBT ally. Their tweet inspired the ultra-viral illustration above by @Kumivenarts. 

"I've posted a 'Thanos is an LGBT ally' edit before and it didn't gain as much reactions as this one," they said. "So I thought 'hmm, what if I post a Pennywise is an LGBT ally edit too.' And I was thinking only my mutuals would enjoy it. Then of course, the moderate republican account came and immediately started spewing things."


Since the BuzzFeed article was published, it appears that @Starkrhodey's account has been deleted, including the original Pennywise tweet. They told BuzzFeed that they been getting harassed and shared some pretty vile messages from people who are upset over the idea that Pennywise might be gay. Not sure why that would be such an issue, but I guess when hate is your primary motivator, you can't think rationally. 

Let in the love, everyone. Maybe then you'll find happiness like what The Babadook and Pennywise have.