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Woman's Side By Side Photos Prove Clothing Sizes Are Meaningless

Women's clothing sizes are ridiculous, and pretty much a roll of the dice. Men have it pretty easy, dealing with small, medium, or large, while women have varying measurements that don't really seem to match up between different brands.

Instagram user Mira Hirsch, a body-positive activist from South Africa, knows this pain all too well. While shopping recently, she found two pairs of pants marked the same size, but which had very different results...

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Hirsch writes:

"I was looking for a pair of pants and found both of these in the same size in different sections of the store."
"The maroon pair had a label saying "New Fit" and the mint pair had nothing. Both were my size yet one pair couldn't even close and the other pair was a little loose?"
"I used to absolutely DREAD shopping because of this reason alone!"
"You look for something in your usual size, it doesn't fit and you end up leaving the store feeling so shitty about yourself. Letting diet culture kick in, and self loathing take over. I know I did."
"Stop trying to fit into the "ideal size"!"
"Wear clothes that you feel funky in!"
"Who the hell cares if it's a few sizes bigger or smaller than what you normally wear." 
"Take back your power and wear whatever size and style you desire."
"Love the skin you're in!"

And people seem to agree, with the post attracting more than 3,500 likes in 24 hours. Commenters were very supportive:

"You're so inspirational and beautiful," one user wrote. "Thank you so much for helping me be more confident with who I am."
"I have a pair of jeans from H&M that are a size 10, this year I went there and tried on that size. I couldn't even get them past my knees?!? Stores need to use consistent sizing for everyone," another added.  

While another added:

"Dressing rooms are my worst enemy for this reason . Nothing makes you feel worthless like trying clothes on at the store."