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Trump Tweets He Has A Day Full Of Calls And Meetings—But A Reporter Has The Receipts

The Deputy News Director of BuzzFeed News, Tom Namako, has been following Donald Trump closely since he came on the scene, because it's his job. That means he's often using his social media platform to call out Trump's lies. Dang. That sounds exhausting.

With everything Trump lies about, you'd think Namako would be tempted to let some of the smaller stuff slide, but that's not what a good reporter does. On September 17, Trump tweeted that he had "important meetings and calls scheduled" and they were related to strengthening the economy and military. 

Namako begs to differ:

Big surprise! The president is seemingly lying about how important and effective he is.

Some folks are challenging Namako's claims that Trump's up to nothing. According to Fact Base, there were no particular meetings scheduled for Trump, at least publicly. On Public Pool, there's a press release saying Trump spoke with President Moon Jae-In Of The Republic Of Korea about North Korea firing a missile over Japan—but it says he did it yesterday, meaning the 16th. 

Namako added more details, as well:

And also pointed out what Trump did have time for:

And asked him why he would do any of those things:

No answer thus far. Trump must be holding the line to talk to some very important people.