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Trump’s Lawyer Caught Loudly Discussing Details Of Russia Case At Restaurant’s Outdoor Patio

There have been a series of security gaffes from Trump's team ever since he's been elected. Remember when this photo of Bannon that put his entire strategy on full display for the whole world to see?

There was also the time Jared Kushner announced before hand when he was heading into a war zone. Or how about the time a Russian photographer was allowed in the Oval Office when US Citizen Journalists were banned from entering? And these are just the tip of the iceberg.

Attorney Ty Cobb and lawyer John Dowd were seated outside a BLT Steak's patio area. And New York Times reporter Kenneth P. Vogel just happened to be seated next to him. He heard A LOT of their conversation, which was kind of hard to miss, as they were apparently speaking very loudly about the finer details of Trump's Russian connection probe.

He tweeted pieces of conversation that he heard too and shared it all with Twitter.

The basis of their conversation, which Vogel went into at length in this article, revealed that the two lawyers argued as to how much they should cooperate Trump's Russia probe.

People applauded Vogel's on-the-spot journalism.

And couldn't believe how wonderfully he took advantage of the opportunity. They also couldn't believe such a should be classified conversation was held out in the open.

Others, of course, had plenty of appropriate jokes.

Including Vogel himself.