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Fan Photoshops Rihanna Because She 'Would Look More Beautiful' If She Were White

Twitter user @alexgracious says they were blocked by Rihanna after posting photoshopped pictures of the singer saying that she "would look so much more beautiful" if she were white.

RiRi isn't the only pop star that's been getting the whitewashing treatment on Twitter: users are also uploading pictures of Beyonce rocking lighter skin, as well.

Given the sensitive history of whitewashing in advertisements and film, along with the longstanding social stigmas associated with dark skin being considered "ugly" in many cultures, people were understandably upset about the photos @alexgracious posted of Rihanna.

The backlash ultimately resulted in the following:

In other Rihanna news, the singer's new line of beauty products is getting tons of praise from people with different complexions, both light and dark. The singer's cosmetics line is supposed to tailor to a wide variety of people's skin tones.

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