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Police Caught On Camera Physically Removing People With Disabilities From Healthcare Hearing

Police Caught On Camera Physically Removing People With Disabilities From Healthcare Hearing
8 months ago

Everyone talks a big game until they're put into the ring. And I'm not just talking about fighting, I'm talking about being hit in the face with a situation that challenges what you think you know.

So when Senator Cassidy and Senator Graham were faced, in reality, with the US citizens who would be effectively destroyed by their new healthcare bill, they seemingly didn't want to look.

Their response to the protesters who attended the hearing, many of them disabled, some in wheelchairs? Pausing the hearing until protestors were removed by authorities. 

If passed, the Graham-Cassidy bill would revoke healthcare for over 1.4 million disabled Americans, effectively throwing them to the curb and forcing them to pony up the cost for their own medical expenses. Some versions of the bill, depending on which portions are left or cut out, could result in an even larger number that's closer to the 2 million mark.

Folks with pre-existing conditions who are guaranteed coverage under Obamacare, would also lose health insurance, and the bill's also been criticized for leaving out some basic health benefits for Americans. Which is why the hearing attracted so many protesters.

It also resulted in a ton of arrests. Honestly, there's probably not a more perfect image of disabled people being arrested by police to show how the current administration feels about the American people's healthcare woes.

Over 100 people were arrested at the hearing.

A large number of protesters were from the group ADAPT, an organization that fights to protect individuals with disabilities. ADAPT organizes and attends protests in order to spread awareness to the country's disabled and ensured they receive the healthcare and accommodations they need for their day to day lives, and have been doing so for the last 40 years or so.

Ultimately, the protesting might have paid off: Graham-Cassidy wasn't passed.

It doesn't help that even key Republican figures didn't plan on backing it and screwing over their constituents, like Murkowski, who called the bill "lousy."