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Here Are The Celebrities That Are Supporting Marriage Equality In Australia

Australians started voting on marriage equality for same sex couples at the beginning of September, via postal survey. The votes are going to keep rolling in and being counted until late October, with the results to be revealed in mid-November. The results are not legally binding, but if the majority of voters say "yes" to marriage equality, Parliament will be able to introduce legislation for a "free vote" in which politicians may vote according to their conscience rather than party lines. That would be good, because it seems tentatively like in such a case, marriage equality would pass. People's attitudes towards the LGBTQ community have shifted significantly in Australia over the last decade. 

Look, even the wind industry is behind it!

But wind energy is notably progressive.

There are also of celebrities encouraging their followers to vote yes, and support gay marriage, like Elton John:

And other big musical acts:

And many Australian actors and personalities we all adore:

And, of course, Ellen:

Look, even Mother Nature is voting for love:

Do the right thing, Australia. Everyone famous and life-sustaining wants you to!