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Viral Photo Of Spying Teacher Is Actually Fake--Sorry To Burst Your Bubble

We've all cheated on a test before, and teachers have had to get pretty inventive to call students out. And Twitter user Joseph Longoria recently took to Twitter to claim that his teacher walked out of the room during a particularly difficult test, and as students started sharing answers, he looked up and noticed this...

Twitter commenters found it pretty hilarious. 

The problem? It's fake. Longoria told BuzzFeed the story wasn't true, he just found the photo online.

"I just had it along with the rest of my pictures," he said. "I was deleting them because ya know, storage almost full, iPhone probs. So I decided to make it into a meme." 

In fact, Buzzfeed managed to track the image down to a man from Turkey, who posted it on Twitter in June.  Though they don't know where the image came from either. 

Fake news.