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Celebs Are Sharing Their Most Embarrassing Teen Photos To Benefit Puerto Rico

Comedian Nick Kroll stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to launch a very important campaign with a very serious name: #PuberMe.

It was launched for a darn good purpose: to help Puerto Rico's recovery efforts in the wake of Hurricane Maria. Kroll and Colbert agreed to donate money for every single celebrity who shared a photo of themselves from their awkward teen years.

And man, were the photos awkward.

Fellow late show host Jimmy Kimmel got in on the action as well.

Sarah Silverman shared her contribution to the #PuberMe campaign as well.

As did Gina Rodriguez.

Kroll's fellow star from The League spread the love as well. But I don't know what he's talking about, this photo isn't awkward at all.

They kept rolling in.

Former NY Mayor and billionaire Mike Bloomberg helped as well.

They kept getting better and better.

It's because of campaigns like this that I'm actually really happy I'm not a celebrity. Because if some of my embarrassing teen photos were out on the internet, I'd probably die of shame.